1. Who is this course for and not for?
If you have products/services, and you don’t have them for sale online yet, this is definitely for you! This course is also for anyone that: hates their current e-commerce site and is ready for a change, wants to learn e-commerce, would be interested in learning my process so they could start their own web design business some day, wants to build an informational site now and might decide to add products down the road, wants to know exactly how to do everything and have a resource available 24/7 that they can constantly refer back to as needed, etc.

This course is not for those: looking for a get rich quick scheme, wanting someone to do all the work for them, that are unmotivated to follow along and actually create their own site, etc.

While this course is focused on e-commerce, this will 100% still help you even if you never plan to sell anything or accept payments through your site.

2. I’m not tech-savvy, am I going to be confused the whole time and give up?
Not at all. Each video is completely step by step. If you have 2 computer monitors, you can have the course running on one screen while you are building your site on the other screen. Only have 1 screen? No sweat. You can watch all of the videos right on your phone while you’re creating your site on your computer.

And as far as how technical this process is, it’s not bad at all. I don’t really even get into HTML or CSS, and you won’t need to learn any coding languages or anything like that. Trust me, I honestly believe that someone that’s capable enough to check their email, book a flight online, use Google to research a topic, order products off Amazon, or do any basic internet tasks like this should have no problems building their own website.

3. What type of equipment or software do I need to buy in addition to this course?
You only need a computer with internet access. Any desktop or laptop will work just fine. Just a computer, monitor, keyboard, and mouse. That’s it! And there is zero software to buy. Everything is web-based and can be accessed from anywhere with internet!

You could literally show up at Starbucks with your laptop at 9am, connect to their free wifi, have the course running alongside the website you’re building, have it done in the afternoon, and be accepting orders before the end of the day. This is totally possible if you put in the work!*

4. Why would I pay for a course when I can find all of the information for free on Google and YouTube?
I’m not gonna lie, you can definitely find all of the information in this course for free. The problem is, you’re gonna spend a ton of time searching around trying to find it all, and when you do, it will be explained from several different points of view. You’ll be filling in the gaps on your own and piecing together all the different parts of the puzzle.

With this course, I remove all of the guesswork for you. And let’s be honest, if you were going to research everything and try to figure this all out on your own, you probably would have done it by now. And I would probably bet you’ve already tried to build a site yourself and got too frustrated to finish it. It’s ok, I’m here for you!

5. Do you offer payment options?
Currently, there are no payment options, just the one time flat rate fee. I realize this is an investment, but it’s an investment in yourself and in your business. Once you realize that, hopefully you’ll be confident enough that you’ll make this small investment back quickly once your products are easily available to the world.

6. What happens after I place my order?
After you complete your order, you will be able to login to the course area via the login link in the main menu. You will login with your email and password that you entered on the checkout page. Once logged in, you will have access to all of the modules, and you can view them at your leisure.

7. How long will it take to finish all of the modules?
In total, there are 31 videos in the entire course, which amounts to over 4.5 hours of content. If you already have some knowledge of building a website, you can skip a module if you want to save a little time. Like module 1 is all about registering your domain name. If you’ve bought several domain names in the past, you probably won’t need this one. But I also urge you to go through all of them from start to finish as I can almost guarantee you’ll learn something from each module.

And as I said, you can take as much time as you need to go through the course. You will always have access to the videos and you can start, stop, rewind, play them as much as you want. There’s no harm in replaying a specific part of a video over and over if it doesn’t make sense right away.

8. How long do I have access to the course?
Forever. Or as long as you and I are alive. Or as long as the internet and WordPress are still around. Or as long as people still want to learn through a platform like this. But don’t worry, this isn’t a one month or one year license or anything. It’s a one time fee for lifetime access.

9. What else do I need to pay for besides the course?
You’ll need to pay for a domain name and a hosting account, both of which are annual fees but are very low cost. If you want to use a premium theme, you will need to buy that. If you want to add some more functionality to your store, there are plenty of premium plugins and extensions that you can also purchase, but they aren’t required.

The default method of accepting payment on your site is through PayPal (customers can still pay with a credit card once they are redirected to the PayPal site). If you want to accept credit cards on your actual checkout page, you will need to pay for an SSL certificate, which is also an annual fee and also affordable.

Besides that, I can’t think of anything you MUST purchase. But really, you only NEED to purchase a domain and hosting to start making sales online.

10. What if I’m unhappy with the course?
This course comes with a 14-Day Money Back Guarantee! That’s right, you can try it for 14 full days and decide if it’s right for you or not. If you decide it’s not for you, simply email me for a refund. I know money is tight for a lot of people, and this is a big investment for many. The last thing I want you to do is stress about this course if you don’t see the value. But I know that if you actually put in the work, you will be pleased and your customers will appreciate the easy to use website that you built for them!

Here’s another idea that I explain to anyone that is still on the fence. You’re paying $497 for the course. I’m giving you everything you need to start an e-commerce business for yourself. But you will also gain the knowledge to build websites for other people. Every business needs a website, and there are plenty of people with side hustles or even hobbies that want websites. There is never a shortage of people looking for website work.

So, I charge thousands of dollars to build websites for clients. And I know people that charge tens of thousands of dollars for their clients. If you approached 10 small businesses and said you’d build them a simple website for $500, at least one of them would take you up on that offer, and probably all of them. I’m talking simple: home page, about page, services page, portfolio/work/gallery page, contact page, and maybe a blog. Most websites only have these things, and there’s nothing for sale.

I could have one of these sites built from scratch and completely finished in a couple hours or less. Even if you took all day or spent a weekend doing it, that’s $500 easy cash. That will easily get your investment back and you can keep helping other small business owners by building their sites as well. This is what I’ve been doing for many years, and I’ve slowly increased my prices as the demand increases, or as the complexity increases.

But ya, if you seriously put in the work and follow everything I show you, I know you’ll see the value of this amazing skill that I think everyone should know.

11. I loved the course, learned everything I needed to know, but decided I’d still rather hire you to build my site?
If this is the case, I am glad you are being honest. While I say anyone CAN do this, I realize that some might change their mind since it does take some time and effort. I don’t want to sugarcoat it, this will take some work. But life can get hectic these days and you might not have the time after you take the course. Have no fear, I have another great offer for you.

If you purchase the course, then decide to hire me to build your site, I will take the amount you spent on the course off of the total amount that I charge to build the site for you. So if you planned on hiring me to begin with, but wanted to try the course out first, you would essentially be getting the course for free. The 14-Day Money Back Guarantee is great, but in my opinion, this is an even better reason to give it a shot.

12. Ok, you’ve answered all of my questions, I’m ready to buy! How do I purchase the course?
Simply visit the Master Course page, add the course to your cart, proceed to checkout, enter your payment info, gain access to the member’s area, and start building your site immediately.

Still have questions?
Feel free to send me an email and I’ll get back as soon as possible: randy@createyouronlineshop.com.

*While I believe everyone will benefit from this course, I just want to stress that this isn’t a “get rich quick” or an “overnight success recipe.” I can’t legally guarantee that you will make a single dollar after purchasing this course, but I honestly believe that if you put what you learn into action, you will come out of this with a clean, easy-to-use website that works well on a computer or phone. An e-commerce site that gives you the power to bring your products/services to the masses, and provides an excellent way for people to purchase from you and for you to accept payments.

Once you have the platform all setup, then your success ultimately depends on the quality of your products, your marketing, your social media presence, networking & building relationships in your industry, meeting with & communicating with people in your target audience, branding yourself & your company as best as you can, and above all, providing an amazing experience for all past and future customers.

No matter how epic your website is, or how perfect your marketing is, none of that will matter for the long haul if you don’t have a solid product that adds value to others and that you truly believe in. I hope that all makes sense. (That’s my little disclaimer. Haha)