Online Shop Master Course


Learn exactly how to build your own e-commerce site to sell your products online, without any web design experience or software. In this advanced training, I'll be teaching you all of steps of the process in extreme detail, the same process I've used on 100+ sites. With my step-by-step approach, you'll be selling online in no time!


The course covers these topics:

  1. Setting up your domain name (1 video)
  2. Setting up your hosting account (3 videos)
  3. Installing the WordPress framework (2 videos)
  4. Adding content with pages and posts (2 videos)
  5. Working with themes, menus, and widgets (4 videos)
  6. Plugins and settings I recommend (4 videos)
  7. Setting up your shopping cart (5 videos)
  8. Adding various types of products (8 videos)
  9. Processing customer orders (2 videos)

The course is video-based and runs about 4.5 hours. You’ll have 24/7 lifetime access, so consume it in 1 evening or go through it at your own pace. No matter what device you’re using (computer, mobile, etc) the videos will display perfectly.

And the course also comes with a 14-Day Money Back Guarantee. If you go through the whole thing, actually put in the work, and feel like it didn’t add any value, I’ll send you a refund. Also, checkout the FAQ page to hopefully answer any other questions you might have.